My name is Eva Gorobets, and I am glad that you have visited my portfolio site. Therefore, I would like you to know who I am: as a photographer and as a person.


I come from the Western Kazakhstan - Uralsk. I lived in this beautiful historical city until I was 19 years old, and I didn't even think that I would ever become a photographer. From the age of 6, I studied music: playing the piano. It is thanks to music that I came to the new capital - Astana in 2005.


Up until the 3rd year of my bachelor program, I was completely fascinated by the history and theory of music. Until the harmony teacher made adjustments to my life. Thanks (today I write this without quotes) to her rigidity and integrity, that I was been rejected from scholarship and  I had to look for a job to continue my studying.


So I came to the event agency, where I first worked as a videographer, and six months later as a photographer. At the 4th year of my music education, I already bought my camera, and at the time of graduation from KazNUI, I realized that I had found my life's work.

2008 year is the beginning of my photography career.

In may 2016, together with my colleagues, I founded the Association of professional photographers of Kazakhstan, which aims to develop the photo industry and education in the field of photography in the country.

Life requires movement, and since 2017 I have been living and working in Moscow. In 2018, she completed the course "Art management and gallery business" at the RMA business school (Moscow).  

BA in Musicology (the KazNUI, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)

BA in Photography (the Open College of the Arts , Barnsley, UK)

MA in Visual culture (HSE, Moscow, Russia)

Currently a graduate student at PhD in Art (HSE, Moscow)

My favorite photo genres are portrait and food photography. Although, as you can see from the composition of the photos on the site, I shoot both the reportage and the architecture.


I will be happy to cooperate with you.

You can communicate with me in Russian or English.


Mobile: +77023844847

email: gorobets.evgeniya@gmail.com